What is Age Management medicine

Age Management Medicine

A Precision Medical Approach is taken with each Age Management Consultation.

The first step is a careful review of personal health data, family history review, medication history, environmental history, review of past traumas, brain injuries and infectious exposures.

Patients will be screened carefully to identify the personal objectives and metrics they hope to achieve for their therapy within the age management program.

Patients will be selected for program participation based on expected program compliance, readiness/insight of commitment, motivation, support and resources to support the program time and effort requirements for optimal success.

A key feature of the patient who refers him/herself to the age management program is that there is a fundamental self-awareness that there must be a better way to advance through the aging process, with grace, resiliency, strength and empowerment.

Goals of therapy will include:

1. Hormone Optimization Therapy : the balance of thyroid, estrogen, progestrone, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, Vitamin D, growth hormone, insulin, cortisol, healthy cholesterols… these are the vital anchors of our body’s regulatory and signaling pathways to manage stress, weight, intimacy, sleep, and keep us balanced.

-For Women: Osteoporosis Prevention, Targeted Strength & Muscle Preservation
Weight Loss /Maintenance with Body Composition Optimization to minimize Sarcopenia (muscle wasting and weakness)
Balanced and Precision Hormone Replacement Therapy to optimize Estrogen/Progesterone levels for Cardiovascular, Skin, Bone Neurologic and Sexual Optimal Health

-For Men: Vitality, Energy and Performance Optimization: levels of free, active and bound testosterone will be tested (free and total levels), with FSH/LH levels checked to assure that the pituitary gland is functioning properly to secrete LH and FSH to postively stimulate the Leydig cells within the testis to create testosterone independently, too.

2. Cognitive Health: Mental Health Clarity & Focus
3. Optimal Health: Precision BioMarker Trending for Cardiovascular Health with advanced lipid testing
4. Lifestyle: Stress Reduction and Wellness Training
5. Sleep Hygiene with Restoration of Sleep Architecture
6. Diet & Nutrition with Targeted Supplementation
7. Fitness & Exercise for Body Composition Goals
8. Community Engagement/Relationship Management
9. HealthSpan Management: Proactive, Preventive Planning: Stage Zero Cancer Testing and Genetic Testing, Advanced Navigation and Referral Support
10. Custom Supplements for Resiliency, Microbiome Optimization
11. Aesthetics & Enhancements: top treatments in skin and tissue rejuvenation

The right treatment, for the right person,
at the right time.

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The right treatment, for the right person,
at the right time.

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