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Elevate your health with the POWER of Precision Medicine

The Right Treatment, for the Right Person, at the Right Time

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Precision Medicine is personalized, proactive, predictive, precise, and preventive. Personalized biomarkers are analyzed specifically for you.

Evidence-based treatment protocols are designed to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and limit the progression of aging.

Your care is uniquely matched to you!

Precision Medical Care Physicians offer a personalized assessment to review your laboratory and body composition biomarkers related to aging and metabolism. 

The goal is to isolate the unique signaling dynamics of your body that regulate blood sugar, fats, energy, manage infection and regulate cancer cells while balancing the oxidative stresses of aging on vital tissue.

These are dynamic, vital insights which enable an intentional life and healthspan, unique to each human being. 

“Thank you so much for being there for our family, Dr Catherine! We didn’t know just how much we needed you until you put all of the pieces together and we got the answers we have been looking for! J is feeling so much better! We are so grateful for your expertise!”

– H.C.

“I have always been fat. I tried every diet. Dr Johnson, you are the first doctor who taught me me how to eat, when to eat, what the medicines do, why we check blood levels and measure body composition tests. My body is losing fat! We need more doctors like Dr Johnson!!”

– L.B.

“OK, Dr. Johnson, I came into this thinking that I will just try it for a few months. Now, there’s no going back! I’ve been more focused and productive at work. I really needed to make a change. Thank you.”

– S.C.

“Wow. I had no idea that low testosterone could put me at risk for osteoporosis. I thought that doesn’t happen to guys until they’re in their 60’s. I need strong bones to play ball with my kids. Let’s do this, Dr. Johnson!”

– J.S.