What is Precision medicine

What is Precision Medicine?

The right treatment, for the right person, at the right time.

It is Personalized

Care that is uniquely matched to YOU:

Your work-up, your markers of health and wellness are designed for your body and your optimal health.

You will not be measured against a “standardized dose response curve” for a medication or a ” standardized laboratory range of normal”.

It is Precise

It is data-driven.

Biometrics are tracked closely to measure health precisely using vital measures of longevity.

It is Predictive

When precise and personalized biomarkers are analyzed specifically for YOU, your future health outcomes are predictive.

We can predict your healthspan. More importantly, science has proven that targeted “epigenetic (environmental / lifestyle / supplemented) changes can positively transform your health.

It is Preventive

Evidence-based treatment protocols to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and limit the progression of aging.


Elevate your health with prevention.

It is Proactive

Targeted health surveillance to maintain optimal health, advanced screening for cancer, diabetes, hypertension, dementia, osteoporosis and muscle weakness:

Your Genome: your personal family health history: the DNA

Your Microbiome: the gut flora of your gut, mouth, skin and sinuses: research shows that your microbiome actually codes your genome!

Your Environment: the toxins and allergans in your air, food, antibiotics, home and work spaces

Your lifestyle: How you live, work, sleep and stress

Your hormonal balance: thyroid, sex, stress hormones that drive metabolism, vitality and performance for intimacy and core energy

Diet: how you source your food, when and what you eat

Your Stress: what triggers you, what motivates you

Exercise: Your energy, metabolism

Your recovery: meditation, joy, spiritual life

Your immune system: past infections and exposures to infection

Your cognitive health: brain health, memory preservation, processing speeds

Your metabolism: insulin resistance, nutritional ketosis, customized fasting schedules

Your fitness: plans customized to your body’s optimal lean skeletal muscle mass composition

Identify the Unique Dynamics of Your Body