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“Catherine, I want to thank you so very deeply. Without your guidance I would not have been able to ski with my family, something I live for!”

– V.P.

“Today’s consultation exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being so thorough and professional in your work.”

– T.M.

“The fog I have been fighting for a long time lifted. the clarity with which I could see was almost breathtaking. I can’t thank you enough!”

– T.C.

“You don’t know how BAD you feel until you start to feel BETTER! I felt bad for SO long. I feel SO much better now that you are figuring out some of the underlying causes!!”

– J.S.

Initial consultation 

The practice is currently on a wait-list, new consultations are limited to direct referrals by collaborating physicians or existing patients of the practice.  

 To be added to the wait list, please call or text Dr Johnson directly at 312-343-4342 and include your full name, address, email, phone number and date of birth (serious inquiries only). These demographic details are essential to creating your electronic health record/chart. Once your chart is created, you will receive an email invitation from the practice portal to log in and complete an extensive health questionnaire which will address your health goals, past medical history and lifestyle.  

When there is opening for a new appointment, this is the process of establishing your consultation: 

1.  Dr Johnson will submit your lab order to Quest and call you to confirm your appointments. 

2. You will schedule a lab draw at Quest Labs, a morning appointment before 9am. You will need to fast (no food, but drink plenty of water) for 12 hours prior to the lab draw. You can schedule the appointment at The lab order will be on the portal and is submitted to Quest directly, please print a copy of the lab order and bring the order to your appointment at Quest. The labs are included with the consultation.

3. All previous medical records can be sent to the office by secure fax (312-736-9556),   or messaging Dr Johnson on the portal which allows PDF attachments. You can also send Dr Johnson your username/password for other health portals, she will  review your previous labs and include the data in your biomarker panel reports.  
4. You will meet Dr Johnson at the Chicago area or Naples, FL office for a 2 hour + consultation to review labs and collect your body composition data.   At the time of consultation,  a personalized “Precision Plan” is created with each patient. 
5. The fee for the consultation is $2k, payable at the time of the lab draw. HSA or FSA funds can be used towards the consultation fee. The date of the consultation is usually about two weeks after the date of your lab draw.
6. After the initial consultation, you may opt to join the monthly membership practice which includes all follow-up office visits, texting/emailing/coaching support, prescription services and quarterly labs. The monthly membership fee is $400, payable on a month-month basis. Alternatively, you can follow-up  “as needed” to track your progress on the plan, these appointments are usually booked with 4-6 week advance notice. These appointments are  billed at an hourly rate of $250 and follow-up labs are billed to insurance. 



Precision Analysis Program

This extended  visit with Dr Johnson includes her precision review of your medical history, creation of your custom biomarker panel and a personalized, collaborative review of recommendations for your optimal healthspan.

Detailed Body Composition Analysis
Comprehensive Labs to be completed/reviewed before your first visit: analysis of 50+ cardiac, hormonal, metabolic, immune, inflammatory and neuronal biomarkers: CBC, CMP, CK, Uric acid, hs-CRP, homocysteine, lipid panels, LDL, HDL particle number, lipoprotein(a), fasting insulin, HbA1C, intracellular (RBC) Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, B12, folate, ferritin, TSH, fT3, fT4,  thyroid antibodies, ANA antibodies, Celiac antibodies, Cortisol, DHEA, Pregnenolone, IGF-1, Estradiol, Progesterone (women), Testosterone (free, total & bioavailable), SHBG, PSA (men), Vitamin D3/D2, Triglyceride, Omega 3 fatty acid, Omega 6 fatty acid, EPA/DHA ratios ++
Extensive Lifestyle & Diet Consultation
Restoration roadmap:  match your unique goals, biochemistry, preferences and priorities with a healthy lifestyle and precision plan to quantify your results.

$2,000  includes all of biomarker laboratory testing, body composition testing, office consultation, precision health medical record review and personalized biomarker reports.



Optimal Health is Elective, Proactive, Predictive and fully Personalized. This program is rooted in self-quantification with frequent monitoring of laboratory and body composition biomarkers. $399/monthly These services complement but do not replace the services of your primary care physician.

Extended consultations with Dr. Johnson, including a preliminary review of family health, environmental and lifestyle factors
Precision lab tests customized for you, measured quarterly (sometimes more frequently).
Follow-up review of comprehensive healthspan analysis report
Medication management plan with prescription support
Custom supplement and nutritional program
Fitness and exercise assessments
Health navigation and coordination with your other doctors
Expanded tests for cancer and cardiac screening, cognitive testing
All office visits, lab testing, body composition testing and medical follow-up with  access to customized hormone, peptide and age management treatments.

Prescription weight loss support

Medically Supervised Fasting programs
Obesity Management
Custom Diet & Nutrition Programs


Additional services

Anxiety, Depression, Mental Crisis management consultation & referral

Assisted Withdrawal of Alcohol, Nicotine and Addictive Medications

Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis IL state certification for qualifying patients referral

Perimenopausal treatments

Cosmetic treatments: prescriptions, guidance and referrals

Prescription Weight Loss Support

Insulin Resistance Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are typical clients of the program? Do I have to be a certain age? Do I have to live in the Chicago area?

Typical clients are highly motivated to look and feel their very best, at EVERY age. Dr Johnson has clients that live on each coast of the United States since there are so few physicians who offer consultations with a focus on precision medical care. Lab tests are coordinated with partner lab testing sites that are located all over the country. Clients usually visit the office annually and often quarterly, depending on schedules and client preference. Dr Johnson is reached directly by her clients, direct messaging via cellphone, email or the patient portal.


    How do I get started?
    Consultations start with an inquiry to the office. Send a text, email or make a phone call directly to Dr Johnson. She can be reached at 312-343-4342 and by email at She will review your concerns and objectives for a precision health analysis.

    You will complete a comprehensive personal health and lifestyle survey with a detailed review of your family and medical history. Appointments and laboratory testing will be arranged based on your availability. Scheduling is very flexible and based on mutually agreeable times between Dr Johnson and her clients. The lifestyle of busy professionals and the needs of a busy family are understood. Early mornings, evenings and weekend appointments are all options for your visits with Dr Johnson.

    Is Medical Insurance accepted?

    No, Precision Medical Care LLC is not credentialed as an in-network provider with private health insurers, Medicare or Medicaid. When working in the emergency department, Dr Johnson sees all patients regardless of their health insurance status. In private practice, Dr. Johnson chooses to spend her time directly with patients as much as possible. For this reason, there is no administrative time designated for insurance paperwork. The private practice is a cash-based practice. Credit cards are accepted for payment. Health Savings Accounts and funds should be used for payments to maximize tax savings, when applicable.

    For all other questions, please call, text or email Dr Johnson directly. 312-343-4342 (cell) (email)


    Nutrition Prescription

    Pre-diabetes / Diabetes

    The right treatment, for the right person,
    at the right time.

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    The right treatment, for the right person,
    at the right time.

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