A “single snapshot” of your health status does not adequately capture your health trajectory. Truly capturing your health trajectory demands data collection over time. Tracking your n-of-1 health data longitudinally allows for precise adjustments to your personal program. Usually I like to get your baseline labs at first consultation and then repeat hormone and metabolic labs every 12 weeks with body composition testing as a baseline. If you are having symptoms or concerns, we will be checking tests more frequently.

Optimal Health is elective, an age management program is a service that is complementary to primary care medicine for the purpose of healthspan optimization. You are only bound by your commitment and enthusiasm for longevity. You can opt-out at anytime. This is an investment in your health.

However, if the monthly expense is a burden then this is not the right program for you. These services are an adjunct to those of a primary care physician who should provide annual physical examinations, immunizations, manage sick care visits and the care of chronic disease conditions.

The benefits to Precision Medical Care membership include:

  • biomarker laboratory testing and trending reports
  • quarterly metabolic and nutritional lab markers
  • body composition testing
  • hormone replacement medical management with lab monitoring
  • age management services: longevity, peptides, aesthetics and lifestyle medicine
  • all office visits, In-body reports, phone calls, text messages, emails (24/7 access with prompt response times by Dr Johnson personally)
  • preferred pricing for nutritional prescription-grade supplements, (online ordering, delivery and in-office purchases)
  • life coaching, decision support
  • coordination of care with your physicians (with your consent)
  • travel support
  • precision prescriptions and authorizations (compounding formularies, too)
  • advanced triage and support of any urgent/emergent medical care needs
  • specialty referral and navigation
  • advanced testing options: cancer, genetics, telomeres, microbiome, etc
  • aesthetic offerings and enhancements, IV nutrition and hydration* wellness lounge access*   (*program under development)