WHEN you eat: plan your feeding windows

WHAT you eat: eat non-processed proteins and fats with veggies

WHY you eat: eat to nourish and honor your body

WHEN to eat: plan your meals (feeding windows) Only eat during your feeding window. Expect to be hungry between your feeding times initially. Remember, Hunger ALWAYS passes. It is like a wave in the ocean, it will peak and then fall. When you FEEL hungry, drink water, tea or coffee. Keep yourself busy and know that the hunger pains will pass! Your liver will keep your blood sugar stable and your body will snack on your stores of fat for energy. That’s how you lose weight! (your fat cells liberate the energy and your body breathes off the energy as carbon dioxide in the respiratory cycle)

WHAT to eat: eat healthy proteins and fats, limit refined carbohydrates but enjoy lots of veggies and fiber! Chew slowly (20 chews of each bite before you swallow). Put your fork down between bites and enjoy your food. When you eat more protein and fat, you will feel less hungry between your meals. Limit sugar and flour as these foods only make you more hungry! Processed foods have been formulated to be addictive (You can’t eat just one, right?) so limit PROCESSED FOODS.

WHY you eat: we often feel our hungriest when we are tired, stressed, angry, frustrated, sad, lonely or bored. Protect your sleep and be mindful of negative energy, we all have angry and sad moods. These moods will pass, just like hunger passes! It is ok to be uncomfortable. Name the emotion that is troubling you and own it, don’t feed it. You will get mentally stronger and physically leaner every time your survive a hungry and uncomfortable mood without feeding your emotions. Instead, eat to honor your health, friendships and family!

Lastly, remember: You can’t eat what’s not there! So, get the processed foods and unhealthy carbs out of your house and workplace. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail! A Precision Kitchen with empowered environments is vital for your path to optimal health!